How Facebook helped police arrest a teenage girl


The crackdown on abortion has well and truly begun in the United States. A 17-year-old girl was arrested in Nebraska (USA) for using an abortion pill. And the police would have relied on his Facebook conversations for proof, reports Motherboard in an article published this Tuesday, August 9 and relayed by Numerama.

The investigation began in June 2022. A Nebraska police officer then became interested in the circumstances of the birth of a stillborn child. Suspecting an abortion, he asks the state court for a search warrant. Objective: to force Facebook to give him access to the girl’s private conversations. The social network runs and the agent then discovers exchanges between the teenager and her mother where the two women evoke the use of the abortion pill.

Facebook defends itself

A search then allowed the police to discover that such a pill had indeed been ordered on the Internet. The young girl is therefore prosecuted for having aborted after 20 weeks of pregnancy, the deadline set in Nebraska, but also for having performed an abortion without having a license, for having hidden a corpse, hiding the death of a person, and having made a false statement, specifies Motherboard who had access to court documents.

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, released a statement on Twitter. “Nothing in the warrants we received from the police mentioned an abortion. The warrants were for acts related to a criminal investigation, and court documents indicated that police were investigating the case of a stillborn child who was allegedly buried and burned,” the company said.


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