The United States releases 52 billion to revive the production of semiconductors


Almost rarer than mustard, semiconductors are ruining the lives of many manufacturers around the world. The United States has therefore decided to use major means to increase its production capacity for these essential components for a large number of products (computers, smartphones, vacuum cleaners, cars, etc.).

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday signed a law that releases $ 52 billion in subsidies to revive the production of semiconductors in the United States.

The Democrat assured that this investment in these parts at the heart of modern electronics would help his country win “the economic competition in the 21st century”. The text also provides tens of billions of dollars for research and development.

A role in inflation

The world has indeed been facing, since the start of the Covid pandemic, a shortage of semiconductors, leading to slowdowns for example in car factories, which has caused car prices to soar.

A few hours before the signing of this law, the American computer company Micron had announced an investment of 40 billion dollars in the manufacture of semiconductors in the United States. This sum is a “key element” of the global investment project of 150 billion dollars, which was advanced by the group in October.

The investment will be partly financed by “subsidies and tax credits provided” by the law ratified this Tuesday afternoon by US President Joe Biden.

Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrota, present alongside Joe Biden for the signing, hailed “an important step toward consolidating America’s leadership in semiconductors for decades to come.”

Micron thus claims “the largest (investment) in chip manufacturing in US history”, and indicates that this will ultimately create “up to 40,000 new American jobs, including approximately 5,000 technical roles and highly paid operational staff within Micron”.

“This legislation will allow Micron to grow domestic memory production from less than 2% to 10% of the global market over the next decade, making the United States the home of memory manufacturing and research and development. the most advanced in the world”, again praised the CEO of Micron.


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